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Krystina R

Math, English, Social Studies, Geography Tutor

McGill University

Majors: Bachelor of Education – Secondary English and Geography

About Me



My educational philosophy is that all children have a willingness to learn but every child has their own unique way of learning. It is important for us, as educators, to understand this and listen to each individual student to provide them with efficient and effective teaching strategies.

I also believe that it is very important to get to know the student on a personal level. Getting to know a student on a more personal level allows students to trust you more and in turn, are more open to having you help them. In all, my philosophy is that every child deserves a proper education.


I have graduated from McGill University in Education for secondary English and geography. Before this, I went to John Abbott College where I completed my DEC in Social Sciences with a Psychology Profile. I did all my primary and secondary schooling in both English and French making me bilingual.


My teaching experience takes place mostly in high schools or adult education. Through my substitute teaching, I dabbled a little bit in elementary schools. Each experience has opened my eyes to a different way of teaching. I’ve realized that you need to adapt yourself to each classroom because no one classroom is the same. My range has really helped me develop into a flexible and effective teacher.


I have just recently moved to Calgary so I am not part of anything here but back in Montreal, I played a big role in my city and offered my time for many city-run events such as the Mini Olympics which take place every Canada Day weekend. I like to do activities that include giving back to my community and working with youth.