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We offer comprehensive pre-algebra tutoring programs to students at all levels

SchoolTutoring Academy offers individualized math tutoring programs to help students build a strong math foundation and gain confidence in their numerical and analytical abilities.

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    Starting your student off on the right path with upper-level mathematics begins with building their confidence in subjects like Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1. Our tutors can help your student by providing individualized programs that focus on the topics your student needs extra help with while reinforcing the topics they already understand.

    Rather than a large classroom full of students seeking tutoring assistance, SchoolTutoring Academy provides in-home, private tutoring. And we make our tutoring available seven-days a week which allows your student access to help, no matter when they doing homework, studying for a test or working on a project. And our goal is to provide a supportive learning environment so that your student can ask questions and be engaged with the material.

    Finding a Pre-Algebra tutor for your child can put them on the path to succeeding in this course. Call our Academic Directors today at 1-877-545-7737 to get started.

    Contact our Academic Directors Today at 1-877-545-7737 to Discuss your Child’s Strengths and Areas for Improvement.

    Pre-Algebra Tutoring Details

    SchoolTutoring Academy’s Pre-Algebra tutors help students become fluent with the language of Algebra. Our lesson plans help students:

    • Translate English phrases into mathematical expressions
    • Recognize geometric structures
    • Become familiar with word problems involving ratios, percentages, rates and proportions
    • Translate mathematical expressions into graphs of both equalities and inequalities
    • Understand the linkages between graphs and algebraic equations
    • Be able to calculate common statistical measures such as mean, mode and median
    • Understand the basics of probability and random variables
    • Become familiar with basic theorems, such as the Pythagorean Theorem
    • Apply theoretical concepts to real-world problems

    Build Your Student’s Confidence with a Tutor

    Our Pre-Algebra tutors have seen that when students understand how Pre-Algebra applies in their lives, they begin to think their way through math problems to find patterns and connections while reasoning their way to solutions. A SchoolTutoring Academy tutor will expertly guide your Pre-Algebra student through the process so that they can gain trust in their own abilities to work on homework and in-class problems. We have found that Pre-Algebra students that use our services gain confidence over time, as they see their mastery of the material increase.

    A Tutoring Curriculum That Meets District Standards

    All of our tutors have extensive experience teaching Pre-Algebra students with different capabilities with the subject matter. Our Pre-Algebra tutoring curriculum is closely aligned with the Principles and Standards for School Math developed by the National Council of Teachers of Math.

    Call our Academic Directors at 1-877-545-7737 to discuss your child’s strengths and challenges and learn more about how a Pre-Algebra tutor from SchoolTutoring Academy can help them improve their skills and confidence. Help your child succeed in Pre-Algebra today!

    Meet Some of Our Pre-Algebra Tutors

    Engaging Tutors That Captivate Students

    Each of them is highly-qualified K-12 and university educators

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