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Pre-Calculus Tutors

We offer comprehensive pre-calculus tutoring programs to students at all levels

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    SchoolTutoring Academy’s Pre-Calculus tutoring programs prepare students for both branches of Calculus – differential and integral – by putting an emphasis on foundational math problem solving skills. Our tutors also offer a skills-building curriculum for students who need to develop a stronger foundation in their core algebraic skills. When your student works with a SchoolTutoring Academy Pre-Calculus tutor, we customize our program to meet your child’s current abilities and learning pace. We always begin by assessing your student’s current knowledge with mathematics in order to determine a tailored course of action that addresses the topics and areas that they need assistance in. This makes for a more meaningful tutoring experience.

    Learn more about our approach by calling 1-877-545-7737. Our Academic Directors are available to answer your questions and schedule a trial assessment of your student’s abilities.

    Contact our Academic Directors Today at 1-877-545-7737 to Discuss your Child’s Strengths and Areas for Improvement.

    Details on our Pre-Calculus Tutoring Program

    SchoolTutoring Academy’s Pre-Calculus tutoring helps students strengthen their foundation in mathematics and become skilled with Calculus. Our lesson plans will:

    • Review all major function groups including linear, quadratic and exponential functions
    • Introduce new function groups including logarithmic, radical, polynomial (second and third degree), and rational functions
    • Discuss solving systems of equations in two and three variables
    • Introduce Conic sections and be able to visualize them in 3 dimensions
    • Introduce Trigonometric ratios and functions (sine, cosine, and tan)
    • Introduce Inverse Trigonometric functions and how they relate to their “matching” function
    • Provide real-world application of Trigonometry through word problems
    • Introduce students to the Laws of cosine and sine
    • Show students how to use Polar notation and Polar functions
    • Enable students to perform arithmetic operations with complex numbers

    Our Approach Builds Confidence

    At SchoolTutoring Academy, we believe confidence comes when students understand Pre-Calculus concepts and can make connections and reason logically to come up with solutions to problems. Our Pre-Calculus tutors guide students through this learning process so that they gain confidence in being able to work on similar problems on their own.

    Our Tutoring Curriculum is Aligned to District Standards

    Our Math tutoring curriculum, including Pre-Calculus programs, is closely aligned with the Principles and Standards for School Math developed by the National Council of Teachers of Math. Our Pre-Calculus tutors have extensive teaching experience across all areas of the Math curricula.

    Call our Academic Directors at 1-877-545-7737 and put your college-bound child on the path to Pre-Calculus success today. We will discuss your child’s strengths and areas for improvement and tell you how a Pre-Calculus tutor from SchoolTutoring Academy can help them improve their skills and confidence.

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    Each of them is highly-qualified K-12 and university educators

    Testimonials and Case Studies from Our Parents

    SchoolTutoring Academy regularly receives letters and emails from parents about their experience with our programs. Have a great story or anecdote about your experience with any of SchoolTutoring Academy’s programs? We want to hear about it!


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