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James M

Math Tutor

Howard University

Majors: Mathematics

Minors: Physics

About Me



I believe that all students can learn if teaching is conducted as an active, structured, and iterative process in which both the instructor and the student participate and are accountable for the end results. The instructor is responsible for preparing and presenting the material in a clear, concise, well-organized manner.

As the student demonstrate their understanding of the material, the instructor is responsible for positively affirming the student for all learned concepts and identifying skill gaps that must be addressed prior to advancing to the next topic. The process is iterative and must be repeated until the student can demonstrate mastery of the material.


I received my Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Howard University in 1969. Upon graduation, I joined IBM where I received training in computer sales and marketing, computer systems technology, and business applications specific to multiple industries. I also received advanced computer systems training at the IBM Systems Research Institute with specialties in computer systems communications network design and analysis as well as data base technologies.


I am active in several church ministries including ushering and grief support. I am also a semi-professional photographer with specialties in weddings, family portraits, and special celebrations and parties. I also love music and dancing.