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Cyril D

Math Tutor

San Diego State University

Majors: Mathematics

Other Certificates: Adult Education Credential

About Me



I believe that all students learn in different ways and my job as a teacher is to find that way. I think that every student can succeed if they have the right guidance and know how. I believe that encouragement and hard work are two key elements to success and I plan on showing each and every student it’s possible.


I have my bachelors degree in mathematics from San Diego State University. Math is something that I grasp onto easily and make it understandable to others who aren’t as math orientated.


I’ve taught high school math for 13+ years at a charter school in Escondido California and there I was able to teach both in a classroom and a lab setting. I love teaching students and seeing the light bulb go on is what teaching is all about.


On my free time, I love to work on vintage Volkswagens. I personally own two buses. The real enjoyment is driving them to places like the beach, campgrounds, car shows, etc. Currently my friend and I are working on a 1966 Karmann Ghia.