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Harold G

Math, Science, Geography Tutor

University of Waterloo

Majors: Mathematics

Other Certificates: High school permanent certificate from the Ontario College of Education

About Me



I have developed over the years a strong identification with the greater majority of my students, endeavoring to engender in them the love of learning, with integrity and character. I found that their love and respect is likewise returned. It is true that when the student identifies the subject being studied with his or her interests, learning becomes much easier. I make it my goal to find those interests as we learn together.


I obtained my B.Sc. from McGill University in Montreal. Subsequently I graduated from a seminary in Toronto. Over 12 years, I ministered in 6 churches as pastor in Canada and the USA. I then returned to Toronto and graduated from the Ontario College of Education, obtaining a high school permanent certificate. Later I did graduate work in Mathematics at the University of Waterloo.


I taught High School, College and University in Mathematics, Physics, Science, Geography and Geology over the next twelve years. That included a term in Africa with the Brothers of Charity and in the Mathematics Department of a Bantu University there.


I enjoy studying and writing on future trends, especially in seawater crops, ethical topics, and in tutoring. I keep myself current by studying courses on the internet or auditing courses of interest at universities in person. Education should never end.