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Jennifer C

English Tutor

Auburn University

Majors: B.S. Elementary Education

Other Certificates: Master’s Degree in Elementary Education

About Me



I believe that students should be encouraged to seek answers to questions by equipping them with the necessary tools needed to find the answers to those probing questions. I think that equipping students with tools will help them to develop thinking skills that can be used when faced with unfamiliar situations or questions.

I view a teacher as a facilitator of learning, not as someone who delivers material to students.


I graduated college from Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, with a BS in Elementary Education. I received my M.A. degree in Elementary Education from Troy University, Montgomery.

I have attended many leadership/education conferences during my tenure as a teacher to help me become a better teacher and keep me abreast of the current education standards.


I have thirty-two years of teaching experience. During those thirty-two years I have taught elementary school, middle school, ninth grade, and adult education in Northport, AL.


During my teaching tenure I have been a cheerleading coach, instructional leader for my school, grade level chairperson, as well as assume other leadership roles as desired by my administration.
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