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Valerie B

Elementary Education Tutor

Newman University

Majors: Education

Minors: Journalism

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Kansas

About Me



I wish to instill a love of learning into my students that will carry beyond their education years. I want learning to be fun, creative and exciting for them. It is my goal to open up their imagination to all the amazing things to be discovered in our world. I want them to learn to think critically and independently, and to research thoroughly before they just accept something as fact. I think that is vitally important in this online world where too often people accept rumor and innuendo as facts.


I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education at Kansas Newman College in Wichita Kansas. I am a certified teacher in the state of Kansas and have taken multiple courses post-graduate to maintain my certification.


I have experience as a substitute teacher in grades Pre-K through high school. More recently, I worked for an Adult High School Diploma Completion program. I taught all high school courses that a student needed in order to graduate and receive their diploma.


I have a love of reading and writing. I like to invent things. I love photography as well, and considered becoming a professional photographer.