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Laura K

Math, Science, English, Social Studies Tutor

Nova Southeastern University

Majors: M.A. Education

Minors: Assistive Technology

Other Certificates: B.A. Elementary Education

About Me



I believe that my role as a teacher is to prepare the student by providing knowledge, practical experience, and hands-on activities. I plan and instruct each subject area using wide variety of teaching aids, motivational, and implementation strategies to engage students in active learning. I believe that all children are individual learners and do so at their own pace and at their own level. I practice positive classroom management skills, using positive reinforcement and token economy reward systems, providing children a non-critical environment in which to learn with freedom to explore, be noticed, and feel valued.


I carry a Masters degree in Education, a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education, and two Associate degrees in Early Childhood and Addiction Studies. I am always seeking to attend information seminars and often take college courses to further my education. I am currently pursuing a second Masters degree in School Counseling and a Doctorate in Theology.


I have been a classroom teacher for over 20 years. I started as a preschool teacher and have since expanded my education and work experience to include: Elementary, Middle School, High School, Technology, Special Education, Reading Support, and Adult Education. I have taught reading, writing, technology/computers, science, social studies, geography, history, and math up to high school algebra.


My extracurricular activities include spending time with my husband of 26 years and our two teenaged daughters, 15 and 13. We play musical instruments together and participate in many creative activities like sewing, crocheting, and painting. We have seven pets that take a lot of our time and they are all ?rescue? animals. We love water sports, Everglades?s bike rides, and the beach. Our family vacations include nationwide trips to zoos, museums, and animal hospitals.