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Robert A

Math, Science Tutor

Simon Fraser University

Majors: Earth Science

About Me



I believe in today’s world, education is key. With only one life an individual should find their passion and pursue it no matter how difficult the program is. The people I have met who have done this share no regrets at the end.


I completed an Associates Degree in Science at Douglas College, which consisted of learning from basic algebra to calculus II, as well as general to intermediate physics, chemistry, and general statistics. This was followed by completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Science with a concentration in Geology at Simon Fraser University, where I became educated in advanced geologic sciences.


I have experience with explaining concepts and diagrams/figures to other students during my undergraduate studies.


I spend time hiking and spending time outdoors. I also run and weight train, as well as rock climb on occasion and play golf in season. I am a defenseman for a soccer team in the Burnaby Mens League Div. 2. I also am very active when I marathon through TV episodes on Netflix.