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Robert D

Science Tutor

University of Western Ontario

Majors: Chemistry

Other Certificates: Ph.D., Chemistry

About Me



I believe in developing a deep understanding of a topic and that shortcuts and teaching how to pass exams are not pathways to long-term success. Learning a new topic requires homework and doing sample questions to reinforce concepts over a period of time.


I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of Western Ontario and then went on to complete my Doctorate Degree in Chemistry at University of Western Ontario. I also have four years of post-doctoral research experience.


After completing my Doctorate Degree in 2001, I then went on to complete two Post-Doctoral Fellowships. Before officially starting my teaching career as a Professor in 2007, I also worked for a Pharmaceutical company.
I have taught Chemistry at the University level for both the Science and Engineering Departments and I have also been tutoring Chemistry since 1996.


I am a father of two that enjoys his children’s activities and interests. When I am not spending time with my family I work on hobby projects, which include home renovations, gardening and many radio-controlled activities. Outside of tutoring I work as a freelance science writer and editor, which also doubles as a hobby.