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Tallahassee Tutors Available

SchoolTutoring Academy offers tutoring programs all across Tallahassee. Please call us at 1-877-545-7737 to schedule tutoring with any of our available tutors or click here for more information.

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Allison B. – Math/Science/English/Languages Tutor – Tallahassee, FL
University of MichiganActuarial Mathematics
“I strongly believe that learning can be fun, engaging and beneficial for students once educators have pinpointed the correct methodology to work with the student.”
Christopher R. – Math/Science/English/SAT Tutor – Tallahassee, FL
Stanford UniversityPhysics and Music
“I try to emphasize the intuitive aspects to students when I teach and tutor.”
Christopher M. – Math/Science/SAT/Social Studies Tutor – Tallahassee, FL
University of FloridaNeurobiological Science
“Every student deserves equal treatment; some may be more forthcoming, these are easy to teach; it’s the students who desire success but may be more introverted or not know even where to start on success in your course that require more effort and may ultimately show the most gains from your class.”
Paul H. – Science Tutor – Tallahassee, FL
Florida State UniversityPhysics and Astrophysics
“When it comes to physics and math problems, knowing the right answer is not as important as knowing how to get the right answer.”
Tao V. – English Tutor – Tallahassee, FL
Florida State UniversitySecondary English Education
“I take the role of facilitator, leading students through the material, but simultaneously looking out for their comprehension.”