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ACTAAP Tutoring – Arkansas Students

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Understanding the ACTAAP

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The Arkansas Comprehensive Testing, Assessment and Accountability Program (ACTAAP) covers assessments for all students in grades K-12. This program is a part of the work of the Smart Start Initiative for grades K-4 and the Smart Step Initiative for grades 5-12. These Initiatives, and the ACTAAP, are the cornerstone for the improvement of academic standards and achievement, professional development and accountability measures for Arkansas schools.

There are a number of different assessments used throughout a child’s education in Arkansas. The state requires both norm-referenced assessments and criterion-referenced assessments. The norm-referenced assessment provides information on how a student ranks in comparison to national standards. The criterion-reference assessment provides evidence of achievement on the standards of learning designed by the Arkansas Mathematics and English Language Arts Curriculum Frameworks.

Format of the ACTAAP

The Augmented Benchmark Exams (ABEs) for students in grades 3-8 ask questions in a multiple-choice and open-response format. Students are tested in Literacy, Mathematics and Science based on the objectives in the Curriculum Frameworks. The End-of-Course Examinations (EOCs) in Algebra I, Geometry and Biology all require questions to be answered in a multiple-choice and an open-response format. The Grade 11 Literacy Examination asks questions in a multiple-choice and an open-response format also.

Taking the ACTAAP

Students in grades 3-8 take the Augmented Benchmark Examinations in Math, Literacy and Science during April of the school year. Questions are formatted for multiple-choice and open-response answers. The Grade 11 Literacy Exam is also given in April. The End-of-Course Examinations for high schoolers in Algebra I, Geometry and Biology are given both mid-year in January and at the end of the year in late April/early May.