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EOG (End of Grade) Tutoring – North Carolina Students

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Understanding the North Carolina State Testing Program

In North Carolina, the state assessment program is undergoing some changes. New tests are being added while others are being eliminated. In 2011-2012, North Carolina will be assessing high school students using three new assessments – the ACT®, PLAN® and WorkKeys®. The ACT® College Admissions Assessment will be given freely to all 11th graders and can e used during the college application process. The PLAN assessment is a diagnostic test for 10th graders which shows a student’s areas of strengths and weaknesses. The WorkKeys® Assessment is given to 12th graders in the Career and Technical Education concentration to help determine career readiness.

Format of the North Carolina State Testing Program

For students in high school, there are End-of-Course Tests in three subject areas: Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. The End-of-Course Test in Mathematics is given in Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. All the tests are multiple-choice, ranging from 68 to 80 questions per test. In Algebra I students are expected to gain mastery in numerical operations, geometric figures and coordinate plane algebra and the use of matrices and models to solve problems. In Geometry, students are expected to perform operations with real numbers, use geometric and algebraic properties to solve problems and be able to transform geometric figures in the coordinate plane algebraically. In Algebra II, students are expected to perform operations with complex numbers, matrices and polynomials and to be able to use relations and functions to solve problems.

Taking the North Carolina State Testing Program

The End-of-Course Tests in high school are a mandatory requirement for graduation. Students are expected to meet Achievement Level III (of four possible levels) on all five assessments: English I, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and Biology. These tests are all given toward the end of the school year.