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Setup consultation and academic assessments

Let SchoolTutoring Academy help your child open a new chapter in their learning journey – one which provides them with the confidence and desire to succeed in their academic studies. We make it easy to enroll your child in a full-service tutoring program.

Call an Academic Director

Our Academic Directors are highly-qualified in understanding your child’s unique strengths and challenges.

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Discuss Learning Goals

Discuss your child’s academic situation with our Academic Directors. These goals and challenges will form the basis for our personalized, one-on-one academic assessment of your child.

Schedule a Trial Assessment

We encourage parents to schedule a one-on-one academic assessment with an Academic Director. Bringing along old tests, report cards, and assignments will help us pinpoint areas of focus.

Enroll Your Child

Once we’ve completed the academic assessment, your child may enroll into our tutoring programs. Students may enroll any time of the year.

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Your inquiry will be forwarded to a SchoolTutoring Academy Academic Director responsible for the specific city/town you are requesting tutoring in.