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KSA Tutoring – Kansas Students

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SchoolTutoring Academy’s KSA Tutoring Programs start with a ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT with an Academic Director. Our flagship KSA Tutoring Program is available to all North American students. which includes regular one-on-one tutoring, academic mentorship, bi-monthly progress reports, learning profiles, and parental conference calls.

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Understanding the KSA

The Kansas State Assessments provide comprehensive oversight for teaching and learning in the areas of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science and History-Government. The tests that make up the Kansas State Assessments fulfill the requirements of state and federal laws that mandate yearly testing in core subject areas.

Format of the KSA

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The Kansas State Assessments are formatted in the following manner based on academic subject:

Reading Assessment – the questions are all multiple choice. There are three test sessions of 45 minute each, although students may use however much time they need. The number of questions on the assessment ranges from 58 to 84 as students’ progress to higher grade levels.

Writing Assessment – this assessment is not offered in the 2011-2012 school year, however in other years will call on students to write an essay response that is scored by a rubric. There are questions in other formats as well, though some modifications to the test are ongoing. The assessment is given in four sessions of about 45-60 minutes; however student will be able to use as much time as they need.

Mathematics Assessment – the questions on the mathematics assessment are all in a multiple-choice format. There are between 70 and 86 questions on the test, ranging toward the higher number in the later grades. The test is administered in three sessions, two of which allow calculator use. The sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes but students will have the time they require to complete the assessment.

Science Assessment – all the questions on the Science Assessment are in a multiple-choice format. There are between 44 and 60 questions on the tests given over two untimed sessions, which generally run 45-60 minutes.

Taking the KSA

The individual subject area assessments are formatted to reflect the learning standards of the state curriculum. Students will receive scores that reflect their proficiency in each individual assessed subject. There are five proficiency levels: Exemplary, Exceeds Standards, Meets Standards, Approaches Standards, and Academic Warning.