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Understanding the LEAP

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The Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP) is a comprehensive program of assessments for students across the grade-spans. There are a variety of different assessments that occur throughout the grades and these assessments have different impacts on a child’s education. Some of the assessments are high-stakes, meaning that if a child does not show adequate proficiency he or she will require remedial instruction or stay back a grade. Some of the assessments count towards a student’s graduation requirements. Other assessments serve as benchmarks for achievement and progress, and school accountability.

Format of the LEAP

The Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP) for 4th and 8th graders is a high-stakes assessment that covers the following subjects: Reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The English section contains a writing prompt requiring a 100-150 word response, multiple-choice and short-response questions. Subject matter covered includes grade-level appropriate questions on reading and responding, writing, vocabulary and the ability to use textual features (charts, informational text).

The Mathematics, Science and Social Studies portion of the assessment asks questions only in a multiple-choice format. Subject matter covered in Mathematics includes: numbers, data analysis, geometry/measurement, algebra, and fractions. The Science assessment portion covers questions on earth and life science. The Social Studies section asks questions relating to civics and geography.

Taking the LEAP

There are different levels of proficiency determined throughout these assessments. For students taking the high-stakes Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP) in 4th and 8th grades, scores are reported in one of five levels. The achievement levels are: Advanced, Mastery, Basic, Approaching Basic and Unsatisfactory. Students must score at the Basic Level or above to pass on to the next grade without requiring remedial work or repeating the grade.

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