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SAT English Literature

Demonstrate your abilities in reading, comprehending and interpreting literary texts

Free, One-on-one Academic Assessment

Structure of the SAT English Literature

The SAT English Literature test draws upon many vital English skills including, broadly speaking, knowledge of literary devices and, close attention to detail in reading passages.

To highlight those skills, the test uses resources and excerpts from English Literature of the Renaissance into the 20th century and across many authors from the United States, Britain, and, to a lesser extent, writers from the Commonwealth, such as Canada, India, or the Caribbean. Emphasis is placed in the genres of poetry and prose but may also include some examples from dramatic plays or other genres. Students that have excelled or enjoyed English are encouraged to take the SAT English Literature subject test in order to showcase their skill and possibly apply for a credit for the introductory English courses in college.

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Format of the SAT English Literature test

60 minutes long (1 hour)

60 multiple choice questions

Uses resources and excerpts from English Literature

SchoolTutoring Academy Literature Programs Are Staffed with Specialists in English Literature

SchoolTutoring Academy offers SAT English Literature tutoring with professionals who are experienced, gifted educators.

We are staffed with Literature specialists who can provide a structured approach to the test, as well as, example questions, tips and tricks, and test taking strategies. Our SAT English Literature tutors dedicate themselves to their students and give them experienced knowledge of test prep.

“Every student has his own style of learning and it is a tutor’s goal to identify the method. With a solid background of basic knowledge any student is able to build upon this foundation to a point where new material can be easily stacked and accommodated to fit the “big picture” that is understanding.”

Amy – SAT and ACT Tutor

Affordable SAT English Literature Prep to Maximize Student Success

While most SAT prep programs rely on group-oriented learning or self-guided exercises, our private in-home services provide each student with their own teacher.

Affordable, one-on-one lessons deliver essential skills to students that may have been overlooked in a group setting. Outside of the private tutoring, students can bolster their reading ability with early English Literature of the Renaissance while reviewing important factors such as imagery, metaphor, or structure. Strategies are incorporated into each of our test prep lessons for students to draw on in their high school and college studies.

Our Fully Customizable Lessons Enable Us to Meet Individual Learning Needs

SchoolTutoring Academy’s certified tutors design their lessons to meet their students’ individual needs.

For students needing additional familiarity with English Literature concepts, our tutors can design a variety of lesson plans such as identifying form or tone or synthesizing abstract ideas. Our tutors are highly-educated and capable of teaching a variety of lessons on the topics relevant to the SAT English Literature Subject Test.

A Personalized SAT Tutoring Program Designed To Achieve Results

SchoolTutoring Academy offers comprehensive, yet very affordable test prep programs to get you ready for the PSAT/NMSQT. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers will work with you, at your pace and on your schedule. Our PSAT/NMSQT Test prep programs include:

One-on-one tutoring sessions

Private one-on-one tutoring sessions with a certified instructor

Exceptional Instruction

Our tutors are truly the best-of-the-best in terms of training, expertise and dedication

Customized program

Our Academic Directors build a customized learning plan to help you achieve success on the SAT

Flexibility and convenience

We offer a test prep schedule built around your hectic lifestyle

Bi-monthly Progress Reports

Detailed, bi-monthly reports that help you track your progress

No distractions

Your PSAT tutor will keep you motivated and focused on achieving your best score

Meet Our Tutors

Each of them is highly-qualified K-12 and university educators

My name is Michelle O. and I am a certified Calculus Tutor from Bloomington,

My name is Davis H. and I am a certified English Tutor from Greenville, South Carolina.

My name is Jane W. and I am certified SAT/ACT Tutor from San Diego, California.

My name is Ken B. and I am a certified Math and Statistics Tutor from California.

My name is Kevin L. and I am a certified Social Studies Tutor from Guelph, Ontario.

My name is Daniel C. and I am a High School Math, English and Economics.

My name is Amy B. and I am a Math, English Tutor from Darlington, South Carolina.

My name is Owen M. and I am a Math, English, Languages, ACT Tutor from Dundas, Ontario.

My name is Daniel H. and I am an English, ACT, SAT, Social Studies Tutor from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.


My name is Akosua A. and I am a Math, Science, English, ACT Tutor from Brampton, Ontario.

My name is Davis H. and I am a certified Math, Science, English Tutor from Greenville, South Carolina.

My name is Jania B. and I am a Math, English Tutor from Eight Mile, Alabama.

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