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SAT Mathematics Level 1 Test Prep

Showcase your mathematics skills to potential colleges and universities

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Structure of the SAT Mathematics Level 1

The SAT Mathematics Level 1 subject test is based on 3 years of college level math courses taken in high school. Students that have excelled in these courses are encouraged to take the SAT Mathematics Level 1 subject test in order to showcase their skill and possibly apply for a credit for the introductory courses in college pertaining to these maths.

1 year of geometry

This portion of the test has questions on grammar and other sentence composition concepts.

2 years of algebra

This portion of the test covers a variety of mathematical concepts learned up to the end of grade 11 math including: trigonometry, equations of a line, sinusoidal functions, matrices etc.

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Format of the SAT Mathematics Level 1 subject test

60 minutes long (1 hour)

50 multiple choice questions

Based on geometry and algebra college preparatory courses

Our Highly-Qualified SAT Math Instructors Are Subject-Matter Specialists

SchoolTutoring Academy’s highly-qualified tutors have exceptional expertise in their specialized subjects.

Our tutors in Math 1 SAT prep excel in teaching students in all areas of math – from statistics to calculus. They enthusiastically teach the topics that you choose while expanding on your areas of strength. Our tutors are trained to present effective methods and tips to assure your success on the Math 1 Test. Your SAT Math 1 tutoring sessions are custom-designed to prepare you for the Math 1 Test.

“I feel that students are most successful in academics when they are interested in the material. I strive to motivate students and create lessons that are both interesting and engaging..”

Matthew M. – PSAT and SAT Tutor

One-on-One Teacher and Student Interaction

SchoolTutoring Academy allows you to have one-on-one sessions with experts in math.

All of your sessions are tailored to your individual needs. Sessions are booked for your convenience so you can meet with our SAT Math 1 tutor when it works with your busy schedule. This flexible scheduling feature gives you the opportunity to maximize your study time. With our flexible and rigorous approach, we are able to confidentially prepare thousands of students each year for national standardized tests.

Our SAT Math 1 Programs Use Real Practice Tests to Simulate Test Day

SchoolTutoring Academy’s tutors make use of practice tests and our proprietary guides throughout your program. You will have the opportunity to write previous tests in a timed environment during your SAT Math 1 prep to simulate the “real test” experience.

Tutors will also use this simulation to demonstrate the most efficient methods of writing the Math 1 Test, giving you practical tips to maximize your score.

A Personalized SAT Tutoring Program Designed To Achieve Results

SchoolTutoring Academy offers comprehensive, yet very affordable test prep programs to get you ready for the PSAT/NMSQT. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers will work with you, at your pace and on your schedule. Our PSAT/NMSQT Test prep programs include:

One-on-one tutoring sessions

Private one-on-one tutoring sessions with a certified instructor

Exceptional Instruction

Our tutors are truly the best-of-the-best in terms of training, expertise and dedication

Customized program

Our Academic Directors build a customized learning plan to help you achieve success on the SAT

Flexibility and convenience

We offer a test prep schedule built around your hectic lifestyle

Bi-monthly Progress Reports

Detailed, bi-monthly reports that help you track your progress

No distractions

Your PSAT tutor will keep you motivated and focused on achieving your best score

Meet Our Tutors

Each of them is highly-qualified K-12 and university educators

My name is Michelle O. and I am a certified Calculus Tutor from Bloomington,

My name is Davis H. and I am a certified English Tutor from Greenville, South Carolina.

My name is Jane W. and I am certified SAT/ACT Tutor from San Diego, California.

My name is Ken B. and I am a certified Math and Statistics Tutor from California.

My name is Kevin L. and I am a certified Social Studies Tutor from Guelph, Ontario.

My name is Daniel C. and I am a High School Math, English and Economics.

My name is Amy B. and I am a Math, English Tutor from Darlington, South Carolina.

My name is Owen M. and I am a Math, English, Languages, ACT Tutor from Dundas, Ontario.

My name is Daniel H. and I am an English, ACT, SAT, Social Studies Tutor from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.


My name is Akosua A. and I am a Math, Science, English, ACT Tutor from Brampton, Ontario.

My name is Davis H. and I am a certified Math, Science, English Tutor from Greenville, South Carolina.

My name is Jania B. and I am a Math, English Tutor from Eight Mile, Alabama.

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