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East Lake, Florida Tutoring Programs

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East Lake District and Curriculum

Pinellas County Schools contain all the schools located in this Florida county, so it is a large school district. East Lake High and East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering are located within this district. The Academy of Engineering offers rigorous courses and gives students a strong foundation in STEM. The academy offers a strong core curriculum and pre-engineering and technical career-based programs. Its vision is for 100% of the students to be successful, and the mission is for students to be college- and career-ready and be equipped with the skills necessary to reach their potential.

We currently cover the following East Lake-area school district: Pinellas County Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the East Lake District Curriculum

District math courses are advanced and include Math 1 and 2 Advanced, Pre-Algebra, Algebra Honors, and Geometry Honors. These classes revolve around interactions, problem solving, and real-life scenarios. The goal in reading is for students to develop critical and close reading skills as well as fluency through integrated literary experiences. Students actively read texts of varying complexities, analyze literature and informational texts for several literary elements, write for different purposes and audiences using various appropriate strategies, and engage in collaborative learning.

East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering (grades 6-8) offers courses in engineering, science, math, reading and language arts, and social studies as well as various electives. Engineering focuses on understanding and applying the science of technology, exploring electricity, figuring out solutions for energy and the environment, understanding flight and space, designing and modeling to solve problems, and being exposed to robotics. Science courses include earth and space, life science, the nature of science, and physical science.

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Keeping Informed: Recent East Lake Educational News

  • Eagle Eye News In Its Tenth Year - Eagle Eye News, East Lake High’s in-house news service, has reached its tenth year. News broadcasts run four days per week and are produced almost entirely by East Lake students, with a bit of help from their television production teacher. Each team consists of a producer, a director, two news anchors, two cameramen, a production assistant, a floor director, an audio technician, a teleprompter technician, and a graphics technician; students rotate through these roles on a weekly basis. The team also incorporates suggestions from the community into its broadcasts.
  • East Lake’s Engineering Academy Receives National Grant - The Society of Manufacturing Engineers honored East Lake High’s Academy of Engineering with a national grant worth a total of $35,000 over the course off three years. The academy was also honored by the Pinellas County School Board. The program was lauded for its skilled educators, engaged students, strong administrative support from the school and district, corporate support, and excellent “Project Lead the Way” program.
  • East Lake Educator Becomes Golf Coach - A five-year English teacher at East Lake High was named the school’s golf coach. He had always been interested in athletics and had coached cross country, golf, and track in the past. His goal is for his team to reach regionals this year.

East Lake Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: Wikis vs. Blogs: A Comparison of Educational Tools

Wikis and blogs are popular educational technology tools, but what exactly are the differences between the two? The main difference is that wikis can be edited by anyone, while blogs can only be altered by the entry’s author(s). Because of this, a whole class of students can contribute to wikis, making them highly collaborative. On blogs, collaboration occurs primarily in the form of students posting in the ‘Comments’ section. Since anyone can contribute to and edit wikis, they have an unlimited number of authors, whereas blogs typically have one or a few authors. With information being constantly added to wikis, they continually grow, while blog posts stand alone and are only changed when the author(s) do so. Because wikis can be edited by anyone and everyone, teachers must have strict rules for how students use wikis and how they need to respect one another’s work and perspectives; of course, rules are needed with blogs as well, but they need not be quite as stringent. Both wikis and blogs offer some practice with writing, with blogs likely requiring more. However, wikis are a better tool for peer revision, as students can respond directly to lines of their peers’ texts.

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