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Johnstown District and Curriculum

The public schools in the city of Johnstown, New York are under the supervision of the Greater Johnstown School District. The district is committed to providing an educational experience that promotes academic achievement, develops problem solving skills, provides students with the technological skills they need and promotes the values of lifelong learning. In an effort to establish standards of excellence across school districts, the State of New York Board of Regents has approved the Common Core State Standards Curriculum.

We currently cover the following Johnstown-area school district: Greater Johnstown School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Johnstown District Curriculum

The Common Core Curriculum is focused on ensuring that students have the skills they need to pursue college or other post high school training, and to be able to enter the workforce. In English and Language Arts, students learn to read, write, listen and speak using correct English. Other expectations of the curriculum include the development of critical analysis and an understanding of both informational text and literature. Writing is emphasized so that students are able to write effectively in narrative, persuasive and informational styles.

In Mathematics, students are on a progressive path of learning a limited number of math subjects in an intensive manner. Math subjects include computation, algebra, geometry, probability, measurement and statistics. The goal is that children will build on their math skills in these areas so that by twelfth grade they are mathematically literate and can successfully use problem solving to do higher math.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Johnstown Educational News

  • Young Entrepreneurs - High School students in the Greater Johnstown School District have the opportunity to participate in a new business class called the Young Entrepreneurs Academy or YEA!. Participating students get to start their own business and also get a chance at receiving a scholarship through the Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Tampa. This is the third year of participation in the Rochester program.
  • Winter Guard - The Greater Johnstown School District is home to two Winter Guard troupes including both a junior and varsity team. Winter Guard is also what is known as Color Guard that competes indoors. The teams use a variety of accessories such as flags, mock rifles, sabers, and other types of equipment in combination with marching, and interpretive dance. The Winter Guard teams from Johnstown compete in both New York circuit shows and regional competitions.
  • Pool Program - Students from the Wheelerville Elementary School recently participated in a safety and swimming instruction program at the Johnstown School District pool. Under the supervision of a district teacher, students in the third and fourth grades learned basic swimming skills in addition to water safety. The program helps to develop students’ interest in swimming while keeping them safe in an area of multiple lakes and beaches.

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Chalk Talk: Kids Know

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