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Palm Valley, Florida Tutoring Programs

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Palm Valley District and Curriculum

The St. Johns County School District uses a standards-based curriculum that emphasizes the development of knowledge as well as critical analysis skills. Students are also offered many opportunities beyond core academics in areas such as the arts, technology, and foreign languages to learn about subjects that interest them. With the goal of educating the whole student to be prepared for post-secondary life, students also learn how to present information in a cohesive format through collaboration, creative writing, and research projects.

We currently cover the following Palm Valley-area school district: St. Johns County School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Palm Valley District Curriculum

Courses in language arts provide individualized and group instruction that teaches students how to communicate effectively through writing and speaking. The ability to read and analyze complex texts is also acquired with many opportunities given for practicing these skills. Elementary school language arts courses specifically focus on the development of vocabulary as well as the ability to apply taught strategies for basic reading comprehension. Middle and high school courses will use various types of resources to further develop their education in literacy and communication.

Students in St. Johns County School District take courses in the sciences that emphasize the use of the scientific method. Elementary school courses will challenge students to observe and recognize the physical and chemical properties of objects as well as compare and contrast the characteristics of plants and animals. More advanced courses will use various texts to explore scientific laws and theories in greater depth. In high school, students can also earn college credit through Advanced Placement courses in the areas of biology, chemistry, and physics.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Palm Valley Educational News

  • Former Ocean Palms Student is now Best-Selling Author - A former Ocean Palms Elementary School student is now a published author! The 14 year-old freshman’s first book made the New York Times best-seller list in the spring and he will have another book set to come out in March of 2015. The former student took the time to visit Ocean Palms and share his experiences as a writer, as well as offer some advice to students for achieving their dreams.
  • Ocean Palms Students Are Passionate About the Environment - Members of the Green Team at Ocean Palms Elementary School worked hard to make Love Thy Planet Day 2014 a success. The students assembled bags and marketed an event in which they sold the bags to parents. Over 320 reusable grocery bags were sold in 30 minutes.
  • The Green Team Builds Green Homes - The Green Team students at Ocean Palms took part in the Green Model Home Competition earlier this year. The contestants were challenged to use sustainable features that they had learned about to create a Green model home. Some of the homes included features such as solar panels, vegetable gardens, and wind turbines.

Palm Valley Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: Anatomy of the Ear

The ear is made up of three parts: the outer, middle, and inner ear Each part has different structures that aid in hearing. The outer ear includes the auricle, which is the fleshy part of the ear, the auditory canal, and the outer layer of the eardrum, also known as the tympanic membrane. Traveling further into the ear brings you to the middle ear, which includes the eardrum itself, a cavity known as the tympanic cavity, and the ossicles. The ossicles are 3 tiny bones that vibrate when sound waves hit them. Lastly, the inner ear has many tiny structures. The oval window, which connects the middle ear to the inner ear, is one of them. There are also thrree semicircular ducts, which have the responsibility of sending information to the brain about the head position. These three ducts are usually found to be the culprit when it comes to vertigo. The cochlea is also contained within the inner ear and it converts sound into signals that the brain can recognize. The last structure in the inner ear is the auditory tube. This structure drains fluid from the middle ear into the throat. It is also known as the Eustachian tube and blockages can cause ears or become infected. All of these structures have an important role in hearing.

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