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South St. Paul, Minnesota Tutoring Programs

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South St. Paul District and Curriculum

Although South St. Paul Public Schools is relatively small with just four schools serving 3,500 students, it nonetheless provides a world-class education to its students. There is a particular focus in South St. Paul on academic achievement. Students from kindergarten through high school are held to a high academic standard and are expected to perform at their best. Many programs are offered to challenge students of all ages and ability levels, Programming is available for academically talented students. In fact, South St. Paul was the first district in Minnesota to adopt a K-12 International Baccalaureate program. Because of its commitment to fostering achievement, South St. Paul has a strong reputation as a top-tier public school district.

We currently cover the following South St. Paul-area school district: South St. Paul Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the South St. Paul District Curriculum

In Science, students become familiar with identification and classification systems as well, such that they are able to categorize different types of soils and rock. Together, these three areas of study give students greater insight and understanding into the natural world around them. Plate tectonics is another topic of study as part of this curriculum. Learners explore how the planet’s plates move, and how their movement shapes geology. The difference between S and P waves is analyzed as well.

The high school arts curriculum in South St. Paul includes an in-depth examination of the theatre arts. Theatre students analyze how the various aspects of a production – from character development to language to plot – combine to help actors communicate meaning and ideas to the audience. Various performance genres are explored, including musicals, dramas, and comedies, as are types of plots, including those that are chronological and nonlinear. Students evaluate the characteristics of theatrical productions from around the world as well, noting the similarities and differences between Western and non-Western productions.

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Keeping Informed: Recent South St. Paul Educational News

  • District Offers International Baccalaureate Diploma Program - The International Baccalaureate program in South St. Paul includes a diploma level area of study for students in 11th and 12th grades. Courses at this level are pre-university in scope, and prepare students for success in college.
  • District Newsletters Now Available Online - Patrons of South St. Paul School District can stay up-to-date with happenings at their child’s school by subscribing to district’s newsletter. The district also keeps an archive of past newsletters on its website. This is a great way for the district to increase its outreach while also reducing the use of paper in all their schools.
  • Academic Scholarships Resources for Students and Families - Students set to graduate from South St. Paul Public Schools may be eligible to receive scholarship assistance through the South St. Paul Educational Foundation. Scholarships are available for students with a variety of needs and talents. Students will want to be aware of the deadlines of the various scholarship opportunities.

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: Competency-Based Education Benefits Students

Competency-based education is a personalized learning structure that focuses on children developing competencies in a specific area, then moving on to more advanced learning opportunities. Competency-based education does not rely on seat time as a measure of success, as the traditional school format does. Rather, if a child masters a subject in four weeks, they are free to move on to the next level in that subject. Supporters of competency-based education maintain that students are much more engaged in learning because they can work at their own pace. Students that need more time to show mastery can do so without the pressure of trying to keep up. At the same time, students that breeze through coursework are able to take on advanced learning opportunities much more quickly.