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Spring Lake Park, Minnesota Tutoring Programs

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Spring Lake Park District and Curriculum

Spring Lake Park Schools proudly serves the Spring Lake Park community with comprehensive K-12 programming. The district’s 5,300 students enjoy a personalized education that is tailored to fit their specific needs, interests, and aptitudes. This individual approach to education is what makes Spring Lake Park Schools a world-class public school system. The approach to learning engage students in rich learning environments that promote curiosity and exploration. Combined with a college and career readiness continuum of learning, these programs and services help students achieve their potential and ready themselves for the challenges they will face after graduation.

We currently cover the following Spring Lake Park-area school district: Spring Lake Park Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Spring Lake Park District Curriculum

Spring Lake Park students participate in an English language arts curriculum that helps them build reading skills necessary for success in college or a career. Students learn strategies for reading passages to determine the central idea and supporting details. Learners develop the ability to build their opinions and make inferences upon evidence in texts, then cite that evidence appropriately to back up their claims. How characters develop over the course of a story is analyzed, with students comparing and contrasting various methods of character development used by different authors.

The science curriculum in Spring Lake Park includes the study of earth-space science. Students learn about the movement of tectonic plates and how those movements can cause earthquakes. The layers of the earth’s crust are explored as well, including the mantle, core, and lithosphere. Learners investigate the Ring of Fire, and examine the incidence of volcanic and seismic activity along the fault lines that represent the Ring of Fire. The processes by which landforms are created and destroyed are studied as well.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Spring Lake Park Educational News

  • Educational Services Department Redesign - The Educational Services Department in Spring Lake Park Schools has been redesigned to better serve the students and teachers in the district. Improvements will be made in the delivery of programs to all students, including in the areas of curriculum and instruction. Additional resources to support innovative teaching will also be available.
  • Students Devise Fair Trade Challenge - Middle school world cultures students have created a #FairTradeCocoaChallenge. The challenge is designed to raise awareness about poor employment practices that occur on many non-fair trade cocoa plantations. Students are hoping to inspire people to think about where their food is coming from.
  • Students Receive Academic Awards - A number of Spring Lake Park students recently received awards for their academic work. Two students were honored with awards from Harvard and Yale Universities for their commitment to academic and personal excellence. Other students were recognized for achievement in a particular area of study.

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Chalk Talk: What's In a Financial Literacy Curriculum?

Consumerism is a primary topic in financial literacy studies. Students learn about the need to be informed consumers and make smart choices when making purchases. The relationship between income and consumerism is explored as well, with students developing an understanding of the type of purchasing power they could expect to have with various levels of income. Students learn about diversity and methods by businesses seek to improve and promote multiculturalism. There is also an exploration of current issues that impact global businesses. These include population growth, employment trends, and climate change, among others. International business topics are explored as well. The pros and cons of having an international business are weighed, as are the economic impacts of businesses that move their companies offshore.