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Tucumcari District and Curriculum

The public schools in the city of Tucumari, New Mexico are under the jurisdiction of the Tucumcari Public Schools District. Like all public schools in the state of New Mexico, the Tucumcari Public School District has implemented the Common Core curriculum. Common Core is geared toward providing students with the skills they will need to be successful in advanced education and in a job. The curriculum provides students with a standard set of expectations for learning that are evidence based and state approved.

We currently cover the following Tucumcari-area school district: Tucumcari Public Schools District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Tucumcari District Curriculum

In English and Language Arts, students learn to read, write, speak and listen in correct English. The curriculum includes both narrative and expository reading and helps students develop both research and evidence based reading skills. Students are introduced to informational text and literature at progressively more complex levels. Writing is also taught so that students develop the skills of brainstorming and planning, writing, then editing and revising before final presentation. These standards for literacy are applied in all courses.

In Mathematics, the emphasis is on mastering a variety of basic math subjects including computation, algebra, geometry, proportional reasoning, statistics, measurement, and developing mathematic literacy. In Science, students are expected to learn a process oriented approach to inquiry into natural phenomenon. There is also an emphasis on technology and its influence on changes in society.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Tucumcari Educational News

  • Red Ribbon Week - Red Ribbon Week which was created by Enrique Camarena, a DEA agent, to help bring the issue of drug abuse to the forefront, was celebrated recently at the Tucumcari Middle School. Students participated in the program by writing words about why a drug free life is better on red and white cups which were then used to decorate the school fence. In addition, students received glow in the dark bracelets to commemorate the event.
  • Dig Pink Game - To help raise awareness about breast cancer the Tucumcari High School Volleyball recently sponsored a Dig Pink Game as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The game with Santa Rosa helped raise money for cancer research and awareness. Dig Pink was created by the Side-Out Foundation as a way to raise both awareness and funds for cancer research. The program has been adopted by middle and high schools and college volleyball events across the country.
  • Junkman Visits Tucumcari Elementary School - Donald Knaack is known as a percussionist, composer, environmentalist and performer was recently invited to participate in a artist in resident program at Tucumcari Elementary School. The Vermont resident worked with students to create a sound sculpture using recycled materials which was called a Junk Music Playstation and is now a permanent installation on the school grounds.

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Chalk Talk: Resources for Budding Astronomers

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