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Geography Tutoring Programs

We offer comprehensive geography tutoring programs to students at all levels

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    SchoolTutoring Academy offers in-home tutoring services for students seeking help with Geography. As most Geography lessons require students to actively gather and analyze information from a wide variety of resources, knowing how to put together this information in an organized and cohesive way is an important skill to master. A certified SchoolTutoring Academy tutor will give your child the necessary tools needed to complete these demanding tasks. Once a student begins to view and understand different world communities as extensions of their own community, learning Geography becomes more natural and less confusing.

    Start your student with a knowledgeable Geography tutor by calling 1-877-545-7737. Our Academic Directors are available to answer your questions and schedule a trial assessment of your student’s abilities.

    Contact our Academic Directors Today at 1-877-545-7737 to Discuss your Child’s Strengths and Areas for Improvement.

    Comprehensive Geography Tutoring Programs

    Our Geography tutoring programs include the following core geographic principles:

    • Identifying and understanding the geographic concepts of location, environment, region, interaction and movement as it pertains to particular places and/or locations
    • Understanding how these concepts affect communities and the people living in them
    • Using different geographic tools and resources to collect, process and explain these concepts
    • Understanding and analyzing current environmental issues and events using these concepts
    • Ability to understand and use maps
    • Use appropriate vocabulary as it pertains to geography
    • Create a report and/or presentation explaining a geographical issue, its effect on the community and how members of that community are dealing with the issue

    Tutors You Can Feel Confident About

    We create a comfortable, one-on-one environment for students that builds their confidence in learning. This type of private tutoring means that we work at whatever pace the student feels comfortable with so they aren’t rushed through material that needs extra explanation. Our Geography tutors are screened by undergoing background checks, interviews with our staff and a verification of their credentials. And we select tutors with strong teaching abilities and provide training and mock tutoring sessions to help our tutors continually update their skills.

    Contact an Academic Director to Learn More

    If you have a child struggling with Geography, please call SchoolTutoring Academy at 1-877-545-7737 and an Academic Director will be more than happy to provide you with additional information and insights into your child’s academic development.

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    SchoolTutoring Academy regularly receives letters and emails from parents about their experience with our programs. Have a great story or anecdote about your experience with any of SchoolTutoring Academy’s programs? We want to hear about it!


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