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In-Home Tutoring

Our home-based tutoring programs help your child become confident and successful in the classroom


Tutoring That Puts Students at Ease

At SchoolTutoring Academy we find that students truly feel at ease learning within the security and convenience of their own home. For this reason, we find in-home instruction is more effective than group instruction within a tutoring center because students feel empowered to ask questions, remain engaged in the tutoring session, and truly benefit from the private tutoring.

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With In-Home Tutoring, Distractions Are Minimized

Unlike tutoring centers, students work within the comfort of their own home. Your SchoolTutoring Academy tutor will further seek to minimize distractions and create an environment conducive to effective tutoring. Your child receives the exclusive and personalized help they need instead of receiving only a fraction of the teacher’s attention as is the case with tutoring centers and classrooms.

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Our In-Home Tutors Are Highly Trained and Fit Your Schedule

SchoolTutoring Academy’s in-home tutors are highly-qualified with four-year college Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from elite universities. We even have PhD’s on staff to help students studying higher-level mathematics and science subjects. For Younger Students, we have certified teachers on staff holding specialized Early Childhood Education degrees and state/province certifications.

Our Tutoring is Tailored to Your School District and Classwork

Our tutors don’t teach to a generic curriculum. Instead, they utilize the school district curriculum and actual class assignments that your child is learning. This ensures that the tutoring remains personalized to your child’s needs. By using the actual tests and assignments from your child’s classroom, this ensures that your student is learning a single, cohesive curriculum instead of both the tutoring center’s proprietary curriculum and their district’s curriculum.

To schedule a trial assessment, call our Academic Directors at 1-877-545-7737.