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Alex D

Math Tutor

University of Oregon

Majors: Women’s Studies

Minors: Business Administration

About Me



I believe each individual has a specific learning style. It is up to the instructor to find these different learning styles and help students capitalize on their learning style. It would be my responsibility, specifically with math education, to try different teaching strategies until the student is able to grasp the material.


My university education background was based on a philosophy of collaboration. Teachers learned from students and students learned from teachers. As a student I appreciated the collaborative atmosphere because it allowed me to learn about myself. I know what my learning style is, and how to use those strengths to be a better student.

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies from the University of Oregon with a minor in Business Administration.


I have taught two supplemental WGS 101 classes. This is the introductory Women and Gender studies class. I had ten students in each class and was responsible for creating lesson plans and supplementing lecture material.


As a student I worked with the Sexual Wellness Advocacy Team providing workshops to student groups, classes, and teams about sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. The workshops generally lasted 1.5 hrs and audiences ranged from 15-300 people.
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