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Alexa S

Math Tutor

University of Manitoba

Majors: Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Economics

Other Certificates: M.Sc., Actuarial Mathematics

About Me



Education should inspire. Whenever I am learning something, I like to find a reason to be passionate about it. Therefore, I am very appreciative of teachers who are able to make a subject exciting. I also believe that students should be taught how to apply classroom knowledge in the real world; if even only in the simplest sense. This creates an increased sense of self-worth, which often leads to more outspokenness and idea creation.


My interest in quantitative methods was inflated through high school by my growing admiration for Applied Mathematics and my deep respect for Economics. Both high school teachers of those subjects, Mr. Mclean and Ms. Rochester, respectively, had very significant roles in shaping my educational path.

Thereafter, I completed a double major in Economics and Applied Mathematics and Statistics and a Minor in Computer Science at Macalester College. I am now enrolled at the University of Manitoba, completing a Master’s Degree in Actuarial Mathematics.


I was a course instructor at Exploration Summer Programs each summer of my Undergraduate education. There, I was challenged to create and execute a curriculum that would excite junior high school students from all over the world while covering a breadth of information in a chosen topic. I got the opportunity to teach Computer Science, Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship. These courses culminated in students creating computer games, acting as financial analysts and pitching business plans to real potential investors.


Track and field was my main extra-curricular activity in college. Through the sport, I was able to develop in the areas of time-management, self-motivation, attention to detail, teamwork and leadership. The records I set will eventually be broken, but those lessons will remain with me. This goes to show that there is something to be learned everywhere.
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