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Allison H

English Tutor

University of Boulder

Majors: English, Psychology

About Me



I believe education is a unique experience for each student and, therefore, students should not be treated identically. I believe curriculum and teaching and learning should be individualized for each student to help they succeed and excel. I believe that the student, the teacher, and the parent should make the perfect team and support the growth of the student.


I attended school at the University of Colorado at Boulder where I studied English and Psychology. I enjoyed taking multiple creative writing classes and excelled at my child development psychology classes.


My mother owned her own at home daycare business, and for over 20 years I helped raise children aged 3 months to 7 years old. I helped implement a preschool program. My earliest jobs include assisting teachers at summer school.


I love to read and write and spend my free time engulfed in a world of books. I love to escape to different worlds and lose myself to wonderful characters. I love to spend time with my family and have started a blog writing about our funny memories. I love to take pictures and see beauty through different perspectives.