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Brendan B

Science Tutor

University of Notre Dame

Majors: Ph.D. Physics

Other Certificates: B.S., Physics; M.S., Physics

About Me



I try to explain concepts in a way so that I can see that “aha!” moment for students. Physics can be a very math-heavy subject, but I prefer focusing on concepts first. I feel that the concept is where the physics lies; the rest is just math.


I graduated from Seton Hall University in 2007 with a B.S. in Physics. Since then I have been enrolled at Notre Dame as a graduate student. I received my Masters in 2011 and am in the final stages of competing my Ph.D. My anticipated graduation date is December, 2014.


I have worked with college students in several capacities: one-on-one tutoring, class review sessions, homework help sessions and lab assistance. I have several years experience as a teaching assistance which has helped me improve my teaching skills by gradually understanding a student’s thought/ learning process.


I’m been an active musician most of my life, from high school bands to jazz groups and church choirs. I also enjoy video games on occasion, though admittedly I’m probably not that good.
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