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Christopher M

Math, English, SAT, Elementary Education Tutor

The University of Texas, El Paso

Majors: Religion

Minors: Biblical Greek

Other Certificates: M.A., Speech Pathology; M.A., Religious Education

About Me



Encouraging higher-level thinking skills and independence are of utmost importance in my instruction, as I aim to develop leaders who lead by example and through critical thinking. Every person has the capacity to be an influential leader given the appropriate guidance utilizing an individual’s unique gifts and passions.

Learning is, by nature, one of humanity’s greatest passions and, when this passion is encouraged, instead of conformed and extinguished in order to serve standardization objectives, individuals flourish in becoming devoted and innovative students in their educational pursuits, even when those pursuits included a course in a discipline one might otherwise not enjoy.


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Religion. I also have two Master’s Degrees. The first is in Religious Education and the second is Speech Pathology.


I have taught students in church settings, as well as individual and group tutoring sessions in elementary schools, both as a volunteer and as a hired tutor.


I exercise and eat healthy as part of an attempt to be as physically healthy as possible in our current society of processed foods and obesity. I also love reading, and learning new activities that can benefit my life, such as gardening and cooking. I also really enjoy mind games and activities that encourage critical thought, such as scrabble, games to improve memory and mental flexibility, and even planning and balancing my family’s budget.