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Connor M

Social Studies, Geography, History, Homework Help Tutor

Minnesota State University

Majors: Social Studies Education

Other Certificates: B.A., Education; Teaching Certification: Minnesota

About Me



I believe strongly in developing lifelong learners. Lifelong learners develop their love of learning through engaging, fun, creative lessons that create a positive learning environment for students. I believe that students are 21st century learners, and that skills like collaboration, critical thinking and creativity are essential to establishing excellent learners.


My educational background is strongly grounded in best practices that I learned at my program at MNSU. I believe in the benefits of a technology integrated classroom, as learners are more engaged and interested in the content being taught. MNSU best practices also taught the importance of differentiated instruction, and I differentiate instructions with my students who learn on different, multiple intelligences. I am also pursuing my masters degree in educational technology, and am enjoying applying my skills in creating technology rich lessons that engage students.


I was lucky to be able to student teach at a local high school in Minnesota, where I taught 8th grade global studies and 9th grade geography. During that time I collaboratively worked with my mentor teacher to develop the curriculum for the 9th grade curriculum, aligning it with Minnesota state standards.

This last August, I was offered a position with another high school, where I currently teach 10th grade world history, and 9th grade civics. I have worked in my Professional Learning Community with other social studies civics teachers to re-align our curriculum this year, involving more geography and technology into the lessons.


I am interested in working in multiple extracurricular activities. My hobbies include; reading, hiking/backpacking, soccer, drama/theatre and choir. In my time as a first year teacher, I helped with football, track and field and lacrosse when the opportunity arose.


I received a composite score of 28 on my ACT exam.