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Courtney Z

Science Tutor

University of Connecticut

Majors: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology

Other Certificates: Masters of Science

About Me



I believe that the path to new knowledge lies in the encouragement and support of each student’s unique strengths and passions. My ultimate goal as an educator is to inspire students to the continued passion of learning.

I strive to do so by utilizing multiple teaching techniques that speak to the individual abilities and learning styles of my students. I firmly believe that my enthusiasm for both the subject matter and my student’s success provides them with the tools to continue in their educational journey.


I received both my Master’s and Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Connecticut. I was very fortunate to receive a teacher’s assistant position during my Master’s coursework. The first semester I taught laboratory sections for General Biology, and the second I taught the laboratory portion of Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology. In the pursuit of my Master’s degree, I had the opportunity to perform research in the Esmeraldas Rainforest of Ecuador.


I have taught three semesters of “BIO 305: The Animal World” on-ground, and two semesters online utilizing Blackboard Learn at Eastern Connecticut State University. I have taught two semesters of “BIO 102: Environmental Biology” on-ground at Westfield State University. At each location I have been responsible for the complete course design and implementation. At Westfield, I am also responsible for planning and running laboratories.


I enjoy spending time with my husband and 2 year old son. I also am a mentor for a graduating high school student.
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