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Cynthia M

English Tutor

St. Mary University

Majors: Elementary Education

Other Certificates: Master’s in Education

About Me



I believe everyone deserves the right to learn at his/her own rate, in his/her own way. I believe that success breeds success, and that each accomplishment a student enjoys creates one more step on the achievement ladder.


I attended Southwest High School in Kansas City but didn’t attend college until I was much older. I went to Penn Valley Community College, then transferred to St. Mary University to obtain my teaching degree. Soon after graduating, I went back to college at Webster University to get my masters degree in education.


I taught early childhood development to parents for nine years in the Parents As Teachers program in KCMO. I then moved to teaching middle school English language arts, and eventually became a vice principal and then a principal before I retired.


In high school, my favorite extracurricular activity was participating in Girls’ Choir. I was also a member of a literary society, and participated in their yearly writing contests. I was in the pep club and also on the drill team. My senior year in high school, I studied photography.