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Damien C

Math, English, Languages Tutor

University of Redlands

Majors: English Literature

About Me



I wish to not only educate students, but also to make education an enjoyable experience as well.
I believe that the most effective methods of learning are to teach students how to enjoy education, become engaged in it using their own will and discretion, and to inform students of how the education they receive will benefit them and fit what they wish to accomplish in their lives.

I also aim to help students learn that mistakes are merely part of the educational process and that they should not have such grave connotations as they are currently perceived to be. Students should also take pride in their education and progress and through their accomplishments, be able to even teach and inform others of what they have learned and enjoyed learning.


I have graduated from the University of Redlands with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. I first began my college career at Crafton Hills College, and it was there that I discovered that I wanted to be involved in the field of English, and it is also where I began my experience as a tutor. I still continue to tutor on my own time, and mostly for the benefit of educating those whom I tutor.


I tutored at Crafton Hills College as an English tutor, but I also had some experience in mathematics. I have also tutored in many settings, such as individually, with a group, in a team, and online using various methods.


I ran a Spanish Club at Crafton Hills College where I utilized organizational and leadership skills, both of which at the time I felt I had lacked greatly in, but it was an incredible learning experience for me in what I had to improve on.
I also spend quite a great deal of time researching and writing to improve both of those skills, but also to utilize them in any career I choose which uses them effectively.

I have also been involved in assistance in theatre and art shows at Crafton Hills College, and although it was minor work, it gave me a deeper familiarity with the functioning of both. I also study art in my spare time as well as writing, and other fields of study which interest me but I have little experience in, such as science and math.

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