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Danielle J

Science Tutor


Majors: Biology

Minors: Psychology

Other Certificates: Master of Science, Biology; Teaching Certification, Biology

About Me



I believe in keeping students engaged and stimulated using the latest technology. Learning has changed and we must adapt to the current student’s learning style. My master’s thesis was focused on learning and how to use the way the brain works to enhance memory.


I have an undergraduate and graduate degree in biology. I have studied biology, microbiology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, genetics, molecular biology, calculus, and biochemistry. During my graduate career I further enhanced my knowledge of biology and also took classes on teaching biology.


I am a certified biology teacher with 13 years of experience teaching general biology, honors biology, international baccalaureate biology and research. I currently teach at the number one high school in New Jersey and the number 8 in the nation. I also have taught SAT 2 prep classes.


I run the senior internship program for our school, so I prepare our students for careers in science. I am also the science curriculum supervisor for our district. In my spare time I study epigenetics, the effect of nutrition on gene expression.