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Danielle T

English Tutor

Lock Haven University

Majors: Secondary English Education

About Me



I know that students learn best by connecting the material to their lives. I know that in order to best teach my students, I must connect the information to their own lives. I will do this by relating information to pop culture, social media, and other current media sources that students would be aware of. I will also make material more interesting by creating more interactive assessments and activities for students.

I hope to use many different forms of formative assessment on a daily basis to analyze whether my teaching style is working, and to know what students are struggling with. I also want to use formative assessment to gather feedback and suggestions from students to help me modify my materials and teaching to best suit them.


I have had positive experiences throughout my education. I graduated high school with honors, and entered college in an accelerated program for Physicians Assistant majors, but changed to Secondary English Education after my first year. My three years as an education major were a balance of English classes and education classes. I feel that I thrived in both types of classes.

Prior to student teaching, I also observed in multiple classroom environments, such as English as a Second Language and inclusion classrooms, completing a total of 50 hours of observations before beginning student teaching.


I student taught in an 8th grade classroom, and in an 11th and 12th grade classroom teaching American Literature, British Literature, and World Literature, respectively. During this time, I taught one full unit to each group of student. These units included formative assessments, and multiple types of formative assessments, such as projects and tests.


I have had multiple experiences in Drama classrooms, including observations with a teacher who taught only Drama classes, and experiences with multiple Drama clubs in different school districts. I also participated in Drama Club throughout high school.