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David L

Math, Science, History Tutor

Lubbock Christian University

Majors: Chemistry

Minors: History

Other Certificates: Texas Tech University with a major in Geology and a minor in Anthropology/ Museum Science

About Me



I feel that education is something which should be available to anyone who wishes to learn. I believe that anyone can learn and that no one is beyond the ability to learn. In addition, I also feel that the first step in making learning enjoyable is for the instructor to find the subject enjoyable. No one wants to be under the instruction of someone who does not care and does not want to be there.


I earned a Bachelors degree from Lubbock Christian University in December of 1990 with course work focusing on Chemistry, Physics, and History. From the University of Wisconsin, I earned a Certificate of Achievement in Russian Language. In addition, I earned my Masters from Texas Tech University with an emphasis on Geology, Anthropology, and Museum Science.


My teaching experience began as a teaching assistant in Special Education at Lubbock High School in Lubbock, Texas. Following this I taught Integrated Physics and Chemistry at Plainview High School in Plainview, Texas. I have taught science in the Upward Bound Program at South Plain College in Leveland, Texas and the Upward Bound Program at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, teaching Physics and Geology, respectively.

I have also had the privilege of teaching Anatomy & Physiology Lab, General Biology Lab at Lubbock Christian University. I have been a guest lecturer at Kaplan College on numerous occasions and Rise Academy.


I find I really enjoy foreign languages which are very different from English. Currently, I am working on improving my Russian so that it one day becomes a second language. I have composed over 13 songs on the piano, and used to play guitar at my old church. I enjoy reading and writing and also drawing.

I also enjoy scuba diving and hope to one day dive the ruins in Japan they think may be a 10,000 year old city. I love flying and have piloted a Cessna 152 and Piper Cherokee.

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