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Elena G

Languages Tutor

Texas Lutheran University

Majors: Spanish

Minors: French

Other Certificates: B.S., Education; Teaching Certification: New York

About Me



Teaching is not for the faint of heart and not everyone is cut out to be a teacher.
In my years of teaching, I have found it to be challenging as well as full of wonder, joy and excitement. As an educator, I feel it’s important to have the proper motivation to get students to feel excited about what they’re learning and help them develop to their full potential as well as the ability to relate and reach out to them, especially in today’s world.


I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Education. I also went on to learn Spanish and French as well. Today, I am a certified teacher in the state of New York.


I have taught Spanish to grades 7-12 as well as to adults. I was hired to put together a Spanish curriculum for grades K-5 which was very successful. I was also asked to put together Spanish classes for a program called “Senior College” which were recorded hour to hour and a half for those living in assisted living or nursing homes. These classes consisted of power point presentations and other visuals as well as modeling the pronunciation and explaining basic skills.


I love going for walks, reading and touring historic sites. I also practice yoga when I have the opportunity as well as teaching salsa and merengue classes where possible, however my utmost favorite things to do are retail therapy and trying different kinds of chocolate. My husband has a degree in Botany so we often go for “nature walks”. I love learning about plants that I’ve never seen before.