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Eric B

Math, Science Tutor

Prairie View A&M University

Majors: Physics

Minors: Mathematics

Other Certificates: Hampton University with a major in Physics

About Me



My objective is to help as many people as I possibly can by imparting belief through words of encouragement, instilling confidence through required practice and fostering hope to inter-dependent learning by teaching the process of learning math and physics.


I went to Prairie View A&M University in Texas and acquired my Bachelors of Science in May 1993. I then attended Hampton University and acquired my Masters of Science with an emphasis in Physics. I have tutored math and physics for since 1994. Currently, I am an instructor at ECPI University, and I teach physics at the Peninsula Academy for Godly Education on a volunteer basis.


I have over 20 years of experience as a lab assistant, Instructor and tutor.


Presently, I am learning to develop Mac Application and iPad, and iPhone applications. My interest includes learning to play the violin, increasing my Kendo skill to higher levels and training to run marathons. Also, I am involved in welcoming refugees into the United States through a church ministry.
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