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Gloria K

Science Tutor

McGill University

Majors: Biochemistry

Other Certificates: Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology

About Me



To achieve this, I would act as a facilitator and be caring and supportive. I believe that learning should be fun so that students would want to learn. The way a subject is taught should be tailored to each student in order to engage, challenge and motivate the students.


My Undergraduate studies at McGill University focused on Biochemistry. My graduate studies at Albert Einstein College of Medicine included, but were not limited to, courses in gene expression, biology of aging and cancer biology.

My Ph.D. thesis research involved molecular and cellular biology as well as biochemistry. For this work, I dissected signaling pathways related to cell death mechanisms.


During my graduate studies, I had opportunities to train and teach undergraduate, graduate and medical students in cellular signaling pathways and laboratory techniques in cell biology and biochemistry. I designed goal-oriented research for trainees and developed their critical thinking skills through guided analysis of scientific research papers and discussion of techniques used to test a hypothesis.

I tutored graduate students preparing for their qualifying exams by providing in depth explanations of specific subject matters relevant to their thesis. I also prepared course slides on cell death and graded exams for graduate classes.


I was also a member of the Einstein Women in Science Networking Group. We held meetings and discussed strategies to cultivate positive attitudes towards science in girls and networking resources. In addition to my interest in science education, I love traveling and exploring different cultures and cuisines.