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Hailey B

English, Social Studies, Geography, History Tutor

Texas A&M University

Majors: International Studies

Minors: Italian

About Me



In my own education I have found that every individual requires learning methods unique to them and that each subject requires even more unique methods. From this experience I believe that in teaching I must work to find the students’ best method of learning and most of all to make learning fun and useful. I hope to not only teach but to inspire further curiosity in the students mind.


It seems I have been in school all of my life and yet I continue to go back. Right out of high school I went to University at Texas A&M studying International Studies and Italian. While there I spent one semester studying abroad in Florence working mostly on the Italian language as well as taking cultural communication courses. Since my graduation in May of 2014 I have taken 3 graduate level courses and while working full time will continue to work part time towards my Masters in Library Sciences.


My most significant teaching experience includes my time as a teachers aide at an elementary school. In this position, I held my own classroom where my class time focused on teaching each group of students (one class for each grade k-5) lessons that re-emphasized the homeroom lessons. My focus was primarily on math and my job was to re teach important subject areas in a variety of formats to ensure the students retained the knowledge. As a library associate I do a lot of instruction related to teaching patrons how to use technology, create resumes, and do their own research.


As an extracurricular activity, I have been a lifeguard since I was 16 a job where I have often had to teach safety related instruction such as CPR. Beyond this I really enjoy reading and doing my own writing and research regarding a variety of subjects that I am interested in.