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Iris J

Math, Science, English Tutor

University of California, Irvine

Majors: Social Ecology

Other Certificates: M.S., Education; M.A., Theatre Arts, Dance

About Me



Learning is a lifetime process. Everyone can learn. As an educator, it is essential to consider and match students’ learning styles and teaching modalities. I believe in creating a thriving learning environment that encourages and engages student learning. Utilizing positive feedback, imagery, reinforcement, and environment helps in the delivery of subject matter. Positive teacher expectation is crucial to student success.


I received my Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Social Ecology from the University of California, Irvine and then went on to receive my Master’s Degree in Education at the University of California, Fullerton. I also possess a Master’s Degree in Theatre and Dance from the University of California, Los Angeles.


I am proficient in multiple learning modalities. I enjoy developing plans for blended courses that enrich student-teacher interaction. This requires seamless interweaving of preparatory asynchronous exercises, engaging class activities, and follow-up. I have taught Pre-Kindergarten to Adults classes.

As an educator, I have had excellent opportunities to teach various populations in Special and General Education. I have been a proactive mentor with student advisement. Diligently, I’ve worked to assure my students’ comprehension and practical application of techniques used to positively affect student learning. I have utilized through various innovative techniques, such as but not limited to, active learning, collaborative learning, shaping, student centered, and cooperative learning.


I like creating and presenting speeches (Public Speaking) at my Toastmaster’s Clubs. I enjoy in-depth Bible Studies. Being a Dancer is exciting and fulfilling.
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