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Joanne K

Science Tutor

University of Toronto

Majors: B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biochemistry

Other Certificates: PhD in Chemistry – McGill University

About Me



Since students should develop the ability to communicate ideas in a clear concise manner, and be able to critically think, educators should not just provide students with answers to problem. Instead, they should be brought progressively to the correct solutions.
In addition, in order to get students passionate about the course they take, the teacher must be enthusiastic. I do not believe boredom in the classroom is due to the subject material because any subject can be made exciting if it is taught in that fashion.

To maintain interest, the teacher should use examples to which students can relate to in order for them to include science in their everyday life experiences.


I have a B.Sc in chemistry and biochemistry from the University of Toronto. I have a M.Sc in chemistry from the University of Toronto. I also have a Ph.D. from McGill University in Chemistry. I did my post-doctoral training at the Shriners Hospital in the field of medical research.


I currently lecture at Concordia University. I have taught Stereochemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry and Biochemistry. During my office hours I tutor the students individually.


I also work as a part-time on-line Health editor for NextGenU. When I am not lecturing at Concordia University, preparing for my lectures, or editing, I like to garden and cook and take walks with my Golden Retriever named Chinook.