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Julie K

English Tutor

New York University

Majors: English Education

Other Certificates: M.A. in Creative Writing, Literature and English Education

About Me



I believe in mindful engagement of the whole student in the process of learning. We learn to read by becoming curious about life around us and reflecting on our experience of that in the context of others and their experiences. We write best when we are engaged with what we want to say on the page. Take all these things in steps, and we can get to where we wish to arrive.


I have been an educator and student most of my adult life as well as a voracious reader. I have three Masters Degrees: Creative Writing, Literature and English Education. I am passionate abut education as a portal for social change and self discovery.


I have taught in colleges and universities in Colorado, was a tenured professor at a community college in Massachusetts, and most recently a founding faculty member of an IB Charter School in Brooklyn teaching tenth grade English.


I love the arts and all things creative, whether they be film, literature, poetry, dance, or other forms. I write and have published poetry. I love to watch intelligent film, and want to learn more about film. I am a fan of photography and track it.

I also like to cook. I am a vegetarian and new to NYC area so I want to explore the farmers’ markets here. And I love food that is well prepared whether casual or fancy, so the array of dining in the area is exciting as well.


I was a National Merit Letter recipient when I was in high school. I was in the 97th percentile when I took the English Exam in graduate school to apply to PhD programs.
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