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Laura L

Math, Science Tutor

McGill University

Majors: Chemistry

Other Certificates: B.A., Education; Teaching Certification: British Columbia

About Me



People learn in different ways; my aim is to incorporate all different learning styles in my teaching practice.

Students will learn best with achievable goals to build their confidence and encourage them to continue striving to do their best. Practice for fluency is important and well as accessing motivation. I propose to do this through inquiry and including fun in the learning process. I believe it is important to build tools for problem solving to use in different situations.


I have a Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University, where I completed an Honours degree in Chemistry. My degree focused greatly on laboratory work. I subsequently completed a Bachelor of Education, which included a rigorous teaching practicum.


I taught mathematics for two years in England to middle school aged children. During this time I also taught a few lessons of Science and Spanish during my second year. During my teaching practicum I taught Chemistry 11 and 12, Science 8 and Science 10 in a British Columbia high school. I also have extensive experience tutoring students in Chemistry, Physics and Math.


My biggest lifelong hobby has been reading and I continue to be a voracious reader. I play piano, although at this point only for my own enjoyment. I also enjoy playing soccer and skiing.
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