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Lauren E

English, SAT Tutor

Southern Connecticut State University

Majors: Secondary Education

About Me



Education, particularly in the language arts and social sciences, is all about critical thinking and creativity. Students should expand on larger ideas than significant vocabulary and events to connect concepts that are relevant to themselves and their time. My philosophy is that teachers must help provide the resources and confidence for students to succeed as dynamic, free-thinking individuals. This is beneficial not only to personality development and passion for learning, but also for academic prowess.


After high school, I enrolled in a large public university for History Secondary Education. As a member of the Honors College, I have completed a rigorous, writing-intensive program.

I am currently completing student teaching requirements as a civics teacher. This experience is opportune for experience with different learners, particularly special education students. I am a qualified tutor due to my close work in small groups, my recent success in higher education, and my current student teaching experiences.


I have had many experiences observing teaching styles and student participation in four different high schools and middle schools, which spanned different standards of need. I have taught lessons occasionally, but have frequently interacted with students and helped them with their school work. My current student teaching will be the most valuable of my teaching experiences.


I have many passions outside of my academic and teaching interests. I am very interested in historical research, and I have completed an 80 page honors thesis on my own work. I am also interested in sewing, and quilt in my spare time. I also enjoy antiquing, and have experience selling antique and vintage items online.
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