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Marie P

English Tutor

Northern Illinois University

Majors: Theatre/Performance Studies

Minors: Communication

Other Certificates: Northwestern University, M.S. Communication

About Me



Learning styles are so varied that teachers can’t possibly meet the needs of all students. That’s the beauty of tutoring. As a tutor, I have the advantage of working one on one with individual students, getting to know their unique learning styles and giving them strategies to learn.

I believe in providing positive reinforcement and encouraging a balance of creativity and discipline. Learning takes work, but it can also be enjoyable, meaningful, and rewarding.


In undergraduate school, I earned a B.A. in performance studies and participated on the university speech team. A couple of years after graduation, I returned to school to get my secondary education certification in English and speech.

As a high school teacher, I continued my education by taking several graduate classes in English and education. When I took a non-teaching position in corporate communication, I went back to school to earn my master’s degree in communication so that I could continue teaching, this time in higher education.


I was certified to teach high school in the State of Indiana during the 1990s. I taught English and speech for seven years, and I coached the high school speech team. I transitioned into corporate communication and earned a master’s degree in communication, which allowed me to teach as an adjunct professor. Since that time, I have taught college level English composition, business communication, public speaking, and English as a second language.


I enjoy my yoga practice, hiking in our state and national parks, and traveling domestically and internationally.