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Mary S

Math Tutor

University of Louisville

Majors: Economics

Minors: Mathematics

About Me



My educational philosophy is that everyone can reach his or her potential with practice, hard work, and determination. The teacher must use the student’s individual learning style to foster understanding and help motivate and inspire curiosity and self-learning outside the classroom. My approach is a step-by-step one so that students can obtain mastery of basic material before attempting harder topics.


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics with a minor in Mathematics. As an undergraduate student, I completed two research projects using econometric modeling techniques. I have done doctorate-level economics and mathematical modeling. In addition, I have twelve years of Latin through the college level.


As an undergraduate, I tutored students in History, Latin, Logic, and Economics. I am a certified tutor with the College Reading and Learning Association. In graduate school, I assisted a large microeconomics class and gave weekly recitations.


Not only do I run, but I orienteer. Orienteering is a growing sport which involves navigating with a map and compass. I am an avid choir singer and have sung with the Louisville Orchestra Chorus, the University Chorus, and the Kentucky Ambassadors of Music European Tour. Lastly, I crochet in my spare time.